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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Condo Update

Well, I had to do it. I paid for an advertisemnt with the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press. It's a 7-day ad that will run starting Friday. Supposedly that gets me posted on the affiliated website, miHomehunt, but I'm not exactly clear how that works. I'm not sure if the terms are the same as the print ad, i.e. 7 days starting Friday. I guess we'll see. I'll be posting how many phone calls I get as a result.

Oh, and we'll also be putting the signs back out Friday after 5:00 pm and we'll pick them up sometime Sunday evening. That way when City of Wixom employee Andy goes back to work on Monday morning he won't have to pick them up for us.

Linux Stupid

I've been a Windows user for my entire life...er, since the age of 8. As a professional, I'm a Windows developer. Facing a potential move into management, some day, I have to take into account cost, versatility and security among other things. That translates into looking at open-source licensed software including Linux. And when it comes to Linux I have no idea what I'm doing. A co-worker gave me a copy of Fedora Core 3 that I installed on a crappy system I've had sitting around. (Yes, I've since discovered that Fedora Core 4 is available, but I'll stick with 3 for now). The installation was simple, although a bit slow (probably as more the machine constraints as the software). All was fine until I became aware that the Belkin Wireless G network card I had put in isn't recognized. I scoured the internet (translation: Googled) for an install file to no avail. Then, I came across this site which walked me through installing the NDIS wrapper, which I downloaded here. Then it walked me through installing the drivers and bingo-bango it worked.

Coming soon: Actually getting the system to connect to my network so I can browse the internet. Keep your fingers crossed...or give me some helpful links.

Album Only

I frequently purchase music from Apple's iTunes. However, any time the listing for an album I was looking at had a song marked as "Album Only" I've been going to the store to buy the disc. See, I assumed that "Album Only" meant you can only get it on the CD. Well, you know what they say about assuming things. Sometimes I think I was put on this planet to exemplify the truth of that saying. Anyhow, I purchased an album off iTunes today that had a digital booklet and video that I didn't care whether or not I received, so I proceeded with purchasing the entire album. Sure enough, as most of you I'm sure know, I received both the digital booklet and the video. Why? Because I purchased the album and those items are available not for individual downloads, but only with the album.

"The lesson as usual, I'm an idiot." - The Sports Guy

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Condo For Rent

We're moving and we're hoping to hold on to our Condo as an investment property. We started by listing on Craigslist and putting out signs outside our subdivision and at some major crossroads. Our original signs were taken down sometime last week, after having been up for a little while (at least a couple weeks). We figured they had been taken down because they had to mow the lawns. So we purchased some new ones, actually bigger ones too, hoping for more attention, and I put them out last night. Shannon was on her way out to work this morning and the sign out in front of our sub was already gone. We had put the other one at Wixom Rd (& Potter) instead of Beck & Maple, hoping to catch some new attention, so she went that way and sure enough that one was gone too. She called the city and it turns out there's some sort of city ordinance that doesn't allow signs on city property, and part of some guy's job is to enforce that rule. Apparently on his way to work this morning, he saw one of our new signs, so he went and took both of them down again. (His name is Andy and he's a nice guy according to Shannon. He went and fished our signs out of the dumpster and let her pick them up. Go figure.)

Now I am going to have to find a new way to list the condo as Craigslist has produced no results for me, I don't want to pay real estate to list it (they charge 1 month of the lease price) and I can't have signs on city property. Time to turn to the old-fashioned newspaper?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sports Broadcast the Way They Should Be

Due to a lockout of their on-air personalities and camera-people, among others, the CBC television network is broadcasting Canadian Footbal League (CFL) games the way they should be. What happens when games are broadcast in this format? Ratings go up...dramatically. Now I'm not one to put a lot of value in ratings, they're just based on a general survey of viewership (that's a whole other rant), but you just can't argue with the rating differences mentioned in the article.

Will this catch on with Fox and the MLB playoffs, probably not. How about TNT with the NBA playoffs? Wait, you mean no more announcers shoving "The Closer" down my throat 85 times per game? What a dream. The OLN should try this with regular season NHL games. What do they have to lose? Certainly not viewership. Among other things it would definitely draw them some major press, and people tuning in to check out the experience. It would be good for hockey and good for OLN all at the same time. I'll be waiting for their phone call to bring me on as an advisor (although I won't be holding my breath).