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Monday, February 27, 2006

Inspirational and Incredible

I don't need to say anything else, this video speaks for itself.

Here's a great local news piece on it.

Just for the heck of it, and because you can't watch it too many times, here's a CNN piece.

Friday, February 24, 2006


I was just looking through my old posts to find a link and realized that I started blogging in February of last year. I've known many a blogger to mention their "blogging anniversary", so I decided to dig a little deeper to figure out exactly what day I started.

Totally coincidentally, I swear, it was February 24, 2005, one year ago today. How great is that? Happy Blogging Anniversary to me!

In retrospect how do I think I've done (or better yet, how have I done at adding to the conversation as Seth Godin would say)? Well, "less than average" is probably generous and "poor" probably comes a little closer to describing it.

So here's to some better efforts, and content, in my next blogging year. Thanks to the 5 people who read.

Wasting Time

No, this post is not what you think. Many of you that have read this blog....er all 5 of you...will know that I've talked about how I struggle with whether or not I waste too much time watching TV. It turns out, participating in pop culture (movies, tv and video games) may not be the waste of time than I thought it was. In fact, it may be actually be making me smarter.

Don't take my word for it, check out this great article by Malcolm Gladwell. Apparently the involved and interwoven plot lines of my new delight, 24, are potentially more practically educational that reading a book.

(For those of you who don't know who Malcolm Gladwell is, he's a writer for The New Yorker and I highly recommend his books The Tipping Point and Blink.)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

And Another Thing

(On the Superbowl.)

On the platform at the end of the game: the owner, the coach, the wide receiver (and MVP!) and the running back (the "great story"). The person who was missing: the quarterback.

The guy who last year set the record for the most consecutive wins for a rookie quarterback. The guy who made the game saving tackle in the Steelers - Colts game that allowed this team to continue on in the playoffs. Now he's the guy who is the youngest Superbowl winning quarterback.

It seems to me it would have been appropriate to have Big Ben on the platform at the end of the game and at least take a moment to recognize him.

Just seems strange.

It's Only Speculation

Or is it?

The NFL has been accused of various levels of conspiracy before. It has been said that they conspired to help the Colts win a championship by giving them a cake 2005 regular season schedule. Handing them home field advantage could make for an easy walk through the playoffs and a Superbowl victory. Their schedule was incredibly easy despite the fact that they had made the playoffs the year before and generally speaking the better the team, the harder the schedule. A Colts Superbowl victory could have made such a great story.

The Houston Texans lost some close games on some very badly missed field goals. So badly missed in fact that one is lead to ask if the kicker was even trying to make it. It is not to far of a deviation to suggest that he was instructed to miss those kicks. The reason was to lock up the number one pick in the 2006 draft and guarantee them the opportunity to draft a player who some are calling the next great back, Reggie Bush.

I've been able to overlook these so called issues. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, so those kinds of things don't pique my interest. However, after tonight I'm starting to wonder.

During this year's Superbowl broadcast they had some special featurettes of players competing in the game holding the Lombardi Trophy and talking about winning the championship. Problem is only Pittsburgh players were featured. There was that halftime montage that included both Steeler and Seahawk players and coaches, but other than that all individual featurettes that played were of Steelers. As a matter of fact, the only one of the 2nd half of the game was of Jerome Bettis.

I find this extremely interesting. Why was it that the broadcast so strongly featured the Steelers players, and their pursuit of the championship? One has to wonder if the NFL is working to orchestrate the story line. This story line: An owner faithful to his coach despite his ups and downs, a running back in his home town at the end of his career possibly ready to retire and a stadium full of their fans. There could have been a more appropriate [arranged?] ending.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Personal Responsibility

I'm all for some level of corporate accountability so that corporations can't run wild putting people at risk and taking advantage of them.

We've all heard stories of lawsuits that just throw personal responsibility out the window, but this one has to be up there.

I mean, c'mon.