Friday, July 14, 2006

Providing Valuable Content

In a post yesterday one of the things I talked about was joining the conversation and doing so with valuable content. You draw people to your blog by providing value to them for nothing. That value may get paid back to you in the form of donations or new customers.

I ran across a great example of this today. AccuQuote, an insurance company from what I gather from their site, started a blog. Their blog provides specific information on the insurance industry. They are using their expertise to provide content that provides value to a large marketplace. They can then turn some of the viewers of that content into customers.

Don't just take my word for it. Jason Calacanis' company Weblogs, Inc (purchased of course by AOL), probably the best case of turning blogging into a profitable business, is the company that designed AccuQuote's blog.

I only have a couple problems with the AccuQuote blog:

1. It's not clear how to get to their homepage. Right now it's a link at the bottom right of every post title "Read". I'm not sure how that makes any sense. They should make it very easy to get to their business site, it'd probably help people make the transition from reader to customer.

2. I hate "the jump". Blogs should always display an entire post instead of just a partial post and then a link to read the rest of the content. I fail to see any value in doing that.

Besides those two things this a great model of a business adding value to the marketplace as a whole.


Anonymous Denise said...

Denise here - from We're very pleased to see that you think our blog is a great example of how companies can join the conversation.

Our philosophy has and always been to put the customer first and give them the best experience possible. Our blog is simply an extension of that concept.

We read your comments about "the jump". We do the jump because some of the topics tend to get long. Do you find others share your opinoin regarding this? We haven't really heard anything about it.

Also, you mentioned that you had trouble finding a link to the homepage. If you had trouble, then I'm sure others are too. We'll see what we can do to make sure it's easier to get to.

Thanks again!

4:28 PM  

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